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When you work with a financial advisor, you expect money to be managed and requests to be fulfilled. After all, that’s what client service is all about. But when you work with a team who’ll be by your side for all the financial decisions you’ll face in life – both big and small – that’s only the beginning of Total Client Care.

We specialize in guiding our clients through life’s many transitions – from the first day of a new career to the day they’re able to live life on their own terms and beyond. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone – we will take this journey together. It’s the difference between having someone looking after your money, and having a team of committed professionals dedicated to looking after you. And that’s the difference you’ll find here at Butterworth Financial Group.

How about a second look? If you have a financial plan you’d like us to review in light of your life today and your goals for tomorrow, let’s look it over together.

You Deserve To Understand What’s Happening With Your Money.

Have you ever sat across from a financial advisor and only understood every third word they were saying? And yet they were talking about your money, your life and your future.

At Butterworth Financial Group, we believe clients should understand everything that is happening with their money; that advisors should be just as good about explaining investments as they are at making them.

Question 1

How can you make my life easier?

As your trusted advisor, we’re focused on adding convenience and simplicity to your life. We will make sure you’re educated on your investments and how we manage your money with as many or as few details as you’d like.

At BFG, we’re about much more than results – we’re building a partnership with you to help you pursue your goals with a strategy that serves you. Whether you’re investing hundreds or millions, we want you to be as hands-on or hands-off with your investment strategy as you want to be.

Question 2

Can you handle the complexity of my situation?

We work with a wide variety of clients – everyone from high net worth investors to those who are just starting out. While each family gets a personalized allocation strategy, we’ve helped thousands of families navigate their complex financial needs and guided them through life’s major decisions.

Question 3

What are you going to do with my money?

First, we’re going to get to know you and discuss what’s most important to you. We’re going to figure out your goals and the outcomes you’d like to achieve with this money. We’ll do this by personalizing a plan with BFG’s proprietary investment strategies and processes, designed to help you pursue those goals.

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Our Financial Planning Services Are Built On Trust, Transparency and Accountability.

Our experienced team of professionals will develop a personalized plan that gives you the power – and a path – to realize your dreams.

Financial Planning

Our best clients realize that true financial independence involves more than a well-constructed investment portfolio. Financial planning helps you identify a path that allows you to enjoy life in the present and accumulate wealth so you can live comfortably in the future. 

Retirement Planning

Is it time to make “work optional”? A place in your future where work is optional – you have enough to do what you want – when you want- on your own terms. It’s different for every person.

Income Tax Planning

We are sensitive to the tax issues associated with financial planning and investment management, because no one wants to pay more taxes than necessary.

Investment Management

The investment portfolios we build for our clients rely on the proven principles of asset allocation and diversification. We add value by maintaining discipline, avoiding unnecessary risks, tax efficiency and minimizing fees, not with speculation or chasing short-term trends.

Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

Whether it’s providing income for a spouse, educating children or grandchildren, or leaving money to your favorite charity, proper estate planning helps ensure that the wealth you’ve accumulated over your lifetime is preserved and used for the purposes you intend.

Risk Management & Wealth Preservation

A sound financial plan should protect your family from the unexpected. Accidents, illnesses and disabilities are always difficult to endure.

Private Client Services

One of the most important decisions in estate planning is who to name as trustee. While a critical decision, choosing a Trustee is often given less thought than the structure of the plan or the choice of drafting attorney.

We Are Your


We’re not just financial advisors. We’re here to coach you through the most important parts of your life so nothing keeps you from your goals.

Accountability Partner

One of the most difficult parts of planning is ensuring you follow through. We help you stay on track at every stage of life, regardless of changes, victories or challenges.


We don’t just create a roadmap – we help you get there. We identify and communicate what should take priority and guide you each step of the way.

Retirement Readiness Quiz

Do you feel ready for retirement? Our quiz will give you a better idea of where you stand and how it relates to your goals.

Does your retirement plan stack up? Let’s find out.

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How old are you?

This number determines how much time you have to prepare for retirement.

Question 2 of 6

What is your current or most recent annual income?

Use your gross annual income before taxes and other deductions. This number helps gauge your ability to save.

Question 3 of 6

What are your total retirement savings so far?

This number should include 401(k)s, IRAs, etc., plus any employer contributions to help determine your retirement readiness as of today.

Question 4 of 6

How much do you save each month for retirement?

This number helps determine whether you’re on track to have enough money saved by retirement age. Be sure to include contributions going to your workplace savings account [e.g., 401(k), 403(b)] or IRA or another savings account. Don’t forget to include your employer’s contributions. Use your best guess if you don’t know the exact amount.

Question 5 of 6

How will your expenses change when you retire?

Keep in mind, your standard of living will likely change when you retire. Will your mortgage be paid off? Will you save money on your daily commute? Will you spend more on travel or entertainment?


I’ll spend less


I’ll spend the same


I’ll spend more

Question 6 of 6

How would you describe your investment style?

Conservative: Lower risk for capital preservation

Moderate: Taking on moderate risk for moderate returns

Growth: Accepting more risk to seek higher returns

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