A SECOND LOOK may be in order


We offer complimentary and confidential second opinions. Much like getting a second opinion on a medical diagnosis or a legal matter, it never hurts to have someone see if the financial guidance you are receiving is aligned with your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance. If your current advisor is providing you with real value and beneficial guidance, we are perfectly fine with recommending that you maintain your relationship.

In addition to reviewing your portfolio, we would be interested in your answers to these questions:

  • Does your advisor work with you on financial matters other than just your investments - such as estate or tax planning? Do they make an effort to educate you on these subjects?
  • Does your advisor analyze current events, policy changes or market circumstances and then inform you on how they could affect your financial situation?
  • Does your advisor respond promptly and responsively when you have a need?
  • Does your advisor disclose the potential risks or drawbacks of their recommendations, along with the benefits?
  • Is your advisor's compensation structure clear to you?

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